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The Edmonton Country Club is Alberta’s oldest private golf course. It has been and will continue to be one of the greatest landmarks of the City of Edmonton. 

There are currently limited membership positions available. Please inquire for more detail.

There are three options available to join the Edmonton Country Club:
  1. Become a Shareholder by purchasing a share and paying the initiation fee
  2. Join as a Trial Member. This option is available for a maximum of two years (full for 2021 & waitlist for 2022)
  3. Join as an Intermediate Member (ages 19-40) and enjoy significant potential reductions to our initiation fee (full for 2021 & waitlist for 2022)
The Edmonton Country Club shares are currently selling in the starting range of $6,500 and are true equity shares, meaning that you own the share and its retained value. Shares can also be registered under a Corporation. Please inquire for further details. 

The current initiation fee for a new shareholder is $20,000.00 plus GST, which is payable over five years with 0% interest and is non-refundable. Potential reductions to the initiation fee are available to new shareholders 40 years of age or younger. 

For more information please contact Desirae White at